The right nutrition is the basis of it all. Without the building blocks of a healthy body you are just running as a hamster on a spinning wheel. There a few rules in life you cannot get around. Gravity is one. The calorie balance equation is another, although of a lot less significance. The energy consumed should be equal to the energy expended (homeostasis + physical activity) or there is an imbalance. In that case you either gain or lose weight. Whether you gain muscle, lose fat, is it healthy, and is it sustainable long-term are comprehensive topics in their own right.

Bad diet cannot be overcompensated with exercise. This is pretty sad, but that’s the way it is. You have to take into consideration this real-world fact. Otherwise it is just spinning the wheel without achieving the body and fulfillment you would like.

There are a lot of basic principles in nutrition, which remain foreign to most people, yet we are constantly being promoted the next “healthy super-food”, which will pretty much solve all our nutritional deficiencies and probably solve all our other issues in life, just as an extra. Healthy diet doesn’t work this way. No single food is good or badIt’s the overall diet, the combination of all foods we consume and their quantity, which actually matters. No, the carbs are not your enemy. Nor are the fats. It’s not that simple. But people want quick and easy solutions and that’s why we are prone to oversimplification.

Follow my blog posts and we’ll sort through the most common misconceptions, we’ll see what are the fundamentals of nutrition and what we have to look out for. You’ll learn to sort out fact from fiction and you won’t fall for the fancy fad diets, which will always come up.

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