Here’s the crux of the deal. If you want a healthy body – you have to train all your life. You have to move. You have to be active. Just like the fact that you have to eat to sustain yourself. So, having this fact in mind think about it – how can you be active all your life and not be tired from it, keep it up and be enthusiastic about it even after 20 years from now?

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The short answer is that you should trainΒ a little, but enough, engage all your major muscle groups, and have various activities, which you can switch around, so that you don’t get bored.

The best approach I would advise everybody is a mix of resistance training with a limited time duration and a plethora of other activities, which can vary in intensity and function. The latter is more likely to be a combination of recreational sports or activities, which burn a lot of calories and keep your cardiovascular system healthy.

In the future I will be sharing blog articles with exemplary exercise regimens, which you can do pretty much anywhere. For a comprehensive plan, tailored to your specific needs you can contact me and we will discuss in detail.