The Principles

Fit is a lifestyle. It is a set of principles, which includes basic knowledge of nutrition, training, and awareness of your body’s bio-mechanics. You should know what you eat, but most importantly – when to stop. I’ll lead you through this and if you work with me I will give you scientifically backed principles, which work.

In general the principles, which apply to both diet & exercise are

Consistency, Sustainability, Planning & Organization

Getting shredded for a couple of months is possible, but that’s not what counts. Are you going to be still shredded two years from now? Will you keep that top shape for years to come? Will you be able to fit in a strenuous training and diet regimen in your daily routine? Will you get depleted from all that effort? Are you going to be enjoying life during that time? That’s what counts.

Look through my story and get in touch with me. I will devise a plan for you for diet and exercise, which is sustainable in the long-term. There’s no magic trick, exercise or super-food to the job for you. It’s consistency, sustainability and the right training regimen, which engages all your muscle groups without grinding you down to the ground. I will help you with those. The rest is up to you.