The Fit Life

Why aren't there more posts? Why is the content on the blog as it is. Because nothing has changed in nutrition in the last few months. Actually, in terms of the human body's nutritional requirements things have been pretty much the same for tens of thousands of years. We still need all three macronutrient groups … Continue reading The Fit Life

A sample meal

Hello guys, here's a sample meal from my everyday diet. It is a balanced plate with a strong presence of protein - red meat in this case, small quantity of carbs - the greens and the bread (rusk), and fats - the cheese and the sauce. What you see on the plate are components, which … Continue reading A sample meal

Fats – the moderate view

Saturated, unsaturated, polyunsaturated, Omega-3, Omega-6... Are you lost already? There are tons of information on the various fats and their sources but I'll try to talk about this macro nutrient from a different point of view. Before we get down to the greasy details, let's just get to know the basics. Lately all the fuss … Continue reading Fats – the moderate view