The Fit Life

Why aren't there more posts? Why is the content on the blog as it is. Because nothing has changed in nutrition in the last few months. Actually, in terms of the human body's nutritional requirements things have been pretty much the same for tens of thousands of years. We still need all three macronutrient groups … Continue reading The Fit Life

Stationary bike

Working out on a stationary bike can be a great cardio exercise. The real plus, however, is that it's not a pure cardio exercise, but it is also to some degree a resistance training, as well. The more effort we exert when pedaling the more resistance we experience, which challenges the muscles into growing. Compared … Continue reading Stationary bike

Палачинки :)

Кой пък не обича палачинки!? Още повече във формата на Мики Маус... Сигурно има и такива хора, но за останалите от нас това е една бърза и лесна рецепта за палачинки, която надявам се да ви хареса: 80 гр брашно 30 гр протеин на прах 1 яйце 200 мл мляко Протеинът се добавя за вкус, … Continue reading Палачинки 🙂