Running Drills

Hey guys and girls, here's what I have been doing instead of plain running/jogging - running drills.  If you're not acquainted with the term running drills are basically a set of running exercises, which often professional athletes practice in order to improve the technique of their running and the overall physical condition of their leg … Continue reading Running Drills

Stationary bike

Working out on a stationary bike can be a great cardio exercise. The real plus, however, is that it's not a pure cardio exercise, but it is also to some degree a resistance training, as well. The more effort we exert when pedaling the more resistance we experience, which challenges the muscles into growing. Compared … Continue reading Stationary bike

Running – pros & cons

Hey there, runners! Since you're reading this most likely you have at least some experience with regular running and you must have thought about it one way or another - is it worth it? Here's my take on it. I have been doing sports all my life, professional tennis training included and I've run ... … Continue reading Running – pros & cons

Най-важният елемент в хранителните и тренировъчните режими – постоянството!

Кой е най-важният фактор в тренировките и хранителните навици? Това е въпрос, който често възниква под една или друга форма. Понякога е конкретен, понякога това е принцип, който хората търсят несъзнателно. Постоянството Това е краткият и семпъл отговор. Ето защо: Постоянството е по-добро, отколкото съвършенството. Не търсете съвършената тренировка, перфектната диета, новата невероятна супер-храна. Няма … Continue reading Най-важният елемент в хранителните и тренировъчните режими – постоянството!

Consistency – the most important skill to develop in diet and exercise

What's the most important skill or characteristic to have in diet and exercise? That's a question I often get a lot, although formulated in various ways. Consistency Consistency beats perfection. Consistency beats motivation. It's more important than inspiration. Consistency brings you from where you are to where you want to be. This sounds really simple, … Continue reading Consistency – the most important skill to develop in diet and exercise