How fast will I lose weight?

I often hear this question. It seems to be super important to people. But does it really matter? What's your other option? Do you have a diet, which is guaranteed to work, will retain you the results, and you're just picking the fastest option to the end goal? Highly unlikely. People look for the fastest … Continue reading How fast will I lose weight?

Колко бързо ще отслабна?

Често чувам този въпрос. И реално се чудя - защо е толкова важен? Бавно и правилно не е ли по-добре от никога? Не е ли по-важен въпросът дали изобщо ще успеете да го направите и дали ще запазите резултата в дългосрочен план? Защо е важно колко бързо ще се случи този процес, когато най-вероятно нямате … Continue reading Колко бързо ще отслабна?

The Fit Life

Why aren't there more posts? Why is the content on the blog as it is. Because nothing has changed in nutrition in the last few months. Actually, in terms of the human body's nutritional requirements things have been pretty much the same for tens of thousands of years. We still need all three macronutrient groups … Continue reading The Fit Life

Running Drills

Hey guys and girls, here's what I have been doing instead of plain running/jogging - running drills.  If you're not acquainted with the term running drills are basically a set of running exercises, which often professional athletes practice in order to improve the technique of their running and the overall physical condition of their leg … Continue reading Running Drills

Stationary bike

Working out on a stationary bike can be a great cardio exercise. The real plus, however, is that it's not a pure cardio exercise, but it is also to some degree a resistance training, as well. The more effort we exert when pedaling the more resistance we experience, which challenges the muscles into growing. Compared … Continue reading Stationary bike