Protein smoothie

Here’s what I have often for breakfast or sometimes in the afternoon if I feel hungry. A smoothie protein with whey powder and frozen forest fruits. It provides me with approximately 30 grams of protein and 10-15 grams of carbs.


  1. I add less than a 100 grams of the frozen fruits. Those are an excellent source of antioxidants and have a great macro nutrient profile. On every 100 grams they have just 6 grams of carbs.
  2. Then I add 200 ml of milk, because it tastes better and it is a little bit more nutritious. But feel free to make it with water in case you are lactose-intolerant.
  3. 30 grams of whey powder rich in protein and very little carbs.
  4. Mix it up in the blender and enjoy! 🙂

Here’s how the process looks like:

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