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The Fit Life is a blog dedicated to spreading the idea that balanced nutrition and exercise are possible for the average person and they do not entail fancy, expensive organic foods or training all day long.

Look through the pages and read through the blog to learn that The Fit Life is actually easier than you think in some domains and harder in others.


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What’s the biggest mistake I see most often in dieting?

There are a lot of minor details that might go amiss when one chooses the right diet. There are tons of specifics and minute adjustments, which can lead you off-balance from a good nutrition plan. But that’s not the biggest mistake people make when dieting. The biggest mistake is getting bogged down in those little … Continue reading What’s the biggest mistake I see most often in dieting?

Natural fallacies

Not everything that’s natural or bio is actually healthy. Let’s put that on the table. There’s this predominant myth that if a specific food, nutritional supplement or medicine are “natural” they are healthier for us. First of all, what does natural entail? For instance, even natural medicines have been extracted and processed in labs. Something more, … Continue reading Natural fallacies

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