The Fit Life

Getting fit is not a couple of months work.

It doesn’t work as advertised on that drop-the-fat-for-2-weeks ad.

It’s not pounding a truck tire with a hammer.

It’s not due to some secret Spartan, Cavemen or any other anthropological fad regimen.

It is not eating “organic” food bought from a fancy shop on a very steep premium.

Surprisingly, it isn’t also a matter of willpower. That is yet another myth.

You cannot buy a quick and ready solution to the great body. Not yet.

I should know – I have been active all my life, I have extensive experience in nutrition, exercise, and sports physiology. And I have the body to prove it. I have gained and lost lots of weight during the years. I have done it the hard way and have learned the smart way. Learn from my mistakes, you will thank me for it.

Follow me here and see what are the principles of being fit for life.


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